Official Blading Cup 2014 Edit

Cameras: Ivan Narez, Vinny Minton, Karsten Boysen

Edit: Ivan Narez

Thanks to all of our sponsors.
East End Downtown Santa Ana, Valo, Rollerblade, Seba, Themgoods, Lux Armor, Mekah, Razors,USD, XSJADO,
Kendama USA, RVL8 Ski Boards, Lord and Sons, Cansonic, Cal State Fencing and Toilettes, Aggressivemall , Mtn. Division,
Krucial Printing, Intuition Skate Shop, Arcena, Dirt Box, Eulogy Wheels, Vibralux Denim, Rollerwarehouse, Avis Costa Mesa,
Blader Nation, Hang W/, Kizer, Undercover, Youth Co., Gawds and Native Son Ale house.

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